Tuesday, September 21, 2010

4th Auto Review Run for Road Safety & Courtesy set on Sept. 25

Instead of the usual conference room table and chair set-up, sponsors, exhibitors and the press were treated to a very unique press conference and sponsors’ briefing of the 4th Auto Review Run for Road Safety & Courtesy at the Bluewater Day Spa. The early comers were given a complimentary 30-minute foot massage. I have to admit, it was the most unique (and most pampering) press launch that I have been to.

As the aromatic and calming scent in the Spa Theater at Bluewater Day Spa lingered in the air, Mr. Ron de los Reyes, Auto Review’s host and race organizer , discussed the details of the race. With the theme “Run Fit, Drive Fit,” the fourth Auto Review run aims to highlight the “correlation between good health and good driving. It has been found out that people who engage in sports like running can have good disposition when driving.” 

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