Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Once in a while I find myself staring blankly in space; thinking of nothing in particular but bombarded with countless thoughts and musings about everything. This often happens to me while traveling in a bus. Even the 20 minutes ride from our house to the office triggers my neurons to work in frenzy. My thoughts and ideas seem to pour faster than my hand can write or type it. 

So, here lie my thoughts, ideas, realizations and musings about life in general.

A few random things about me:
  • I love it when it rains. I do not know why I feel more comfortable when the weather is gloomy. The rain  somehow washes away the negativity around me.
  • I love wearing jackets (sweaters, hoodies, blazers, etc), complements my fondness for the cold weather.
  • My favorite color is purple but I don’t own any clothes of that color.
  • All my siblings are musically inclined. I know how to play the guitar but never got beyond the basics.

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