Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making art out of air-dry and polymer clay on a whim

If you think that molding clay into cute cupcakes, miniature frappes and colorful accessories is a child’s play, you are wrong. Aside from having a child’s limitless imagination and a grown-up’s patience, you must also be armed with the right tools - a pair of hands that are strong yet gentle at the same time. 

I thought that this will be an easy project. If kids can do it, so can I, right? This was my initial thought when my sister and I bought a pound of air-dry clay, a set of polymer clay, acrylic paints and other claying essentials.

Air-dry clay creations
When I started to make my first air-dry clay creation, a miniature cupcake and a flower pushpin, all the frustrations came pouring in. The icing of my miniature cupcake seemed like poop while the petals of my flower pushpin kept falling off! (Good thing I was able put the petals together by applying air-dry clay on the gaps)

Polymer clay creations
My first polymer clay creations, a miniature cupcake and pendant, were also not that easy to make. After watching a few tutorials on You-tube, I headed to our kitchen table and made another cupcake. This time, I made a better icing. For the pendant, it looked like a round ube cake. 

Now, I understand why crafters sometimes sell their clay creations online for exorbitant prices. The prices are not at all expensive considering the amount of effort and concentration they put in to make detailed pieces.

Claying is fun. It brings out the kid in me. Hahaha… So, I will be making more clay creations in the future but maybe not for a living. I’ll leave that part to my sister. These yummy polymer clay creations are made by her.

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