Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre-REVIEW: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and Milea Minerals

I've been dying to make a preliminary review of two local mineral make-up (MMU) lines, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics and Milea Minerals, for the longest time. But before I go on with the review, here’s a short explanation about MMU from Ellana for make-up newbies like me =)

“It has ingredients that have the special ability to heal your skin while you’re wearing it, improving your complexion and giving it a natural glow. Non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and even provides natural sun protection. It does not contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, talc fillers or bismuth that normally cause skin irritations in traditional makeup.” - from Ellana’s website

If you want to know more about the wonders of MMU, try Google-ing it!  =)
My Ellana MMU samples were stashed away in the drawer for a couple of months before I got to road test them. But even before I requested for samples, I was already using Ellana’s lip color in Passionate, mineral powder blushes in Bliss and Flirtation, and mineral foundie in Hazaelnut Latte. It’s my first ever MMU that’s why I’m eager to try other MMU brands and hopefully find my MMU holy grail (HG).

Samples from Ellana (from L-R): bronzer in Light Roast (matte deep caramel brown), foundie in Cinnamon Latte (medium with beige undertones), concealer in Cheer (creamy bisque for lightening the undereye area), foundie in Almond Latte (medium light with beige undertones) and finishing powder in Almond Coffee Cream (cool beige with sheer finish).

Ellana mineral make-up swatches (from L-R): Light Roast, Cheer, Cinnamon Latte, Almond Latte and Almond Coffee Cream.

I’m wearing Ellana’s bronzer in Light Roast, foundation in Cinnamon Latte and finpow in Almond Coffe Cream.

The second MMU brand that I got to try is Milea Minerals. Like Ellana’s, their samples were packed in small Ziplock bags, but Milea’s samples were more varied. It includes 10 MMU swatches!

Samples from Milea (from L-R): foundies in Almond and Cocoa (this is too dark for me), finpow in Shimmering,

blush-on in Peach and Rose, eye shadows in Very GreenGreen AngelBlue Angel,Pink Glow, and eyebrow powder in Dark Chocolate (top).

Milea  mineral make-up swatches (from L-R): Cocoa, Almond, Shimmering, Dark Chocolate,

(from top to bottom, L-R) Peach, Rose, Blue Angel, Very Green and Green Angel (oopps, I misplaced the Pink Glow sample).

I’m wearing Milea’s foundation in Almond, eye shadows in Green Angel and Very Green, blush-on and lip color (mixed with lip balm) in Peach.

The verdict
Comparing the two sets of sample MMUs, Ellana was more generous in terms of quantity while Milea was more on variety. The samples I got from Ellana were good enough to use for 3 to 7 applications depending on the amount of coverage you want. I wasn’t able to build up the coverage with Milea because their samples were so little.  

Milea (left) and Ellana's (right) MMU samples.

Both MMUs were highly pigmented, thus, a little goes a long way. I did not experience any allergic reactions or breakouts, too. Yehey!

And so the search for my HG MMU is still on…

Do you have any MMU recommendations?

FYI: I have a medium-tan skin tone with olive undertones.
You can request for Ellana MMU samples here and Milea MMU samples here. I only paid P50 for the shipping (via Xend) of the MMU samples from Ellana. On the other hand, Milea asked me to pay P100; P50 for the samples plus P50 for the shipping. Later, I found out that Milea ships via MC Express which costs only P40. Hmmm… what happened to the P10?

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