Friday, July 2, 2010

I joined the BB cream bandwagon

I am not a fan of make-ups especially foundations and other creams that make me look and feel heavily made-up. I am a white shirt-jeans-slippers girl wearing moisturizer-powder-blush-lip gloss on a typical day (you get the picture). So when I first heard of BB cream from my sister, I had second thoughts on trying it out. The thought of “cream” alone makes me think of whiteheads and breakouts.

So, I did a little research first and found out that BB cream actually stands for “blemish balm cream.” According to online sources, this cream is originally used in Germany by laser skin surgery patients as a medical, not cosmetic, product to heal their skin imperfections. The Koreans turned the cream into a cosmetic product known today as “ the secret” of Korean celebrities.

 The BB cream has become a craze in Asia and is now gaining popularity in US and Europe. Although there are many blog posts and product reviews, I think many Filipina are unaware of this secret – maybe they are keeping it secret on purpose (and I’m going to reveal it here, hehehe). 

Out of curiosity, I tried Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream a few weeks ago. Apart from being cheaper (or if not the cheapest in the market), Maybelline’s BB Cream in 18ml tube costing PhP249 is perfect for trial purposes.

My review of Maybelline’s BB Cream is posted here


  1. My first bb cream review that took a year in making…

    Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

    Watch out for Innisfree, Missha and Tony Moly bb cream reviews…

    Thank you for dropping by my blog =D


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