Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

(I’m so sorry it took me a year to post this review)

I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream for about three months before I went searching for other bb cream brands. The selling point of this bb cream is its price. It retails for only Php249 which is way cheaper, if not the cheapest, than other bb creams in the market. 

Maybelline says:
Our Instant Skin Perfecting Cream is a perfect blend of 8 mineral ingredients. The unique earth color shade instantly improves and perfects your skin:
  • Brightens skin: visible whitening effect
  • Covers imperfections: reduces the appearance of pores, skin redness disappears
  • Moisturizes + Protects: all day hydration + helps to protect skin from UV rays and free radicals

Maybelline bb cream swatch without flash
Major pros and tips
The best thing about bb creams in general is that it cuts the time you spend in doing your make up. I apply the Maybelline bb cream on my bare clean face. I no longer need to separately apply moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation since the bb cream functions the same. I have a few light acne marks and the Maybelline bb cream does it job to conceal them. My skin tone was also evened out and my (big) pores were minimized after applying the bb cream.

Don’t freak out when you see that the color of the cream does not suit your skin tone, just wait for about 30 to 60 minutes for the cream to blend in. I pat on a little powder to set or “lock in” the bb cream. This makes it last longer especially during warmer days. My oilies start showing up 3 to 4 hours after application and that's is when I blot out the oil and pat on a little powder again.

without bb cream
with bb cream
For me, the real test if a product works great on you is when somebody else notices the difference. And the Maybelline bb cream passed this challenged when my colleagues started noticing something different; they said that my face looks naturally glowing even without makeup but the truth is I was wearing one - the Maybelling bb cream. =)

  • It has multiple functions: moisturizes, protects, evens and brighten the skin tone and covers imperfections
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable and locally available (I got mine from a Maybelline stall in Watsons)
  • It has light to medium coverage (enough to cover my light acne marks)
  • Unscented
  • Hygienic squeeze-type tube packaging
  • No break outs

  • My face look too white or shiny in pictures with flash. Uh-oh! (This is a major downside for most bb creams)
  • There’s only one shade available (This is actually both a pro and a con. I have a medium-tan skin tone and my sister who is about 3-4 shades lighter than me also uses this and it also works fine for her. Yehey for that! But I have read other reviews and learned that this shade did not worked for everyone.)
See the how white the skin on my hand is when photographed with flash? 
So, why did I stopped using the Maybelline bb cream?
The “kikay” inside me wanted to try more bb cream brands and hopefully find the one that best suits me so I (temporarily?) ditched my Maybelline bb cream. As of this writing I have tried Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream, Missha Perfect Cover in No. 23 and Tony Moly Cutie Beauty BB Cream in Lovely Sweetheart Lily. 

And I am loving bb creams all the more!


  1. im also using this, the only downfall its kinda white on me, and when i try to use mineral powder on top of it that is color natural w/c is much darker, it turns orange O_O wow!
    im going to shift to skinfood or skin79 soon >.<

  2. hi amz, it turns white on me if I use too much of the product. I only apply a thin layer. I prefer Missha when it comes to coverage.

    Looking forward to reading you review on skinfood/skin79. I heard skinfood's peach sake and mushroon bb cream are good too.

  3. I absolutely hate this bb cream! >.< It has so many kinds of parabens in it and it made my skin worse than it already other words, it destroyed the part of my cheeks!


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