Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to convince potential clients that you are a legit online seller

One of the many challenges online sellers in Multiply or “Multiplyneurs” face when starting up is convincing potential clients that they are legit sellers and not bogus. I believe that this challenge is mostly experienced by Pinoy Multiplyneurs because e-commerce, the buying and selling of goods and services online, is a concept that is not yet fully embraced by Filipinos.

As an online seller myself, I, too, have encountered this dilemma when I launched my online store in Multiply last year. Back then, there was no Multiply Trust program to identify online sellers who have been “verified” by Multiply. However, I was still able to build customer trust and soon orders were coming. 

Here are some tips on how to convince your clients that you are a legit online seller:

1. Get feedback from your previous clients whom you’ve had offline and online transactions. Create a feedback page or album in your site and politely request them to post their comments, suggestions, and yes, including constructive criticisms. 

2. Customize your online store’s Multiply theme / layout. There are many online sellers in Multiply that offer Multiply theme customization. When customizing your Multiply theme, make sure that your site complies with Multiply’s Terms of Service and Policies, or else your account might get suspended. 

3. Upload actual photos of the items you are selling. Take your own photo of the items and put a watermark on it. Do not steal photos of other online sellers who sell the same kind of items, they made an effort in taking photos of the items; RESPECT their rights over the photos.

4. Meet-up with your first client if the situation allows. 

5. Register your business and upload a photo of your business license. 

6. Get a trusted seller’s badge by signing up for Multiply Trust program. 

7. Maintain excellent customer service before, during and after your transactions. Be courteous and friendly to your clients whether they are your first or 100th customer. 

I hope this helps.  =)

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